40 Yıl

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The objectives of EEC Electronics are as follows based on the awareness "Prevention is cheaper than cure" in order to continuously increase the systematic, stable and applicable level via a preventive / proactive approach to occupational health and safety:

To maintain continuous development based on working in accordance with applicable legal regulations and standards;

To create a working environment to protect the health and safety of employees, and to develop preventive approaches against possible occupational diseases and injuries;

To consider possible environmental effects and occupational health and safety risks in the realization of investments and to continuously improve them;

To continue its activities with due respect to society and the environment;

To consider occupational health and safety as the first priority in all our activities;

To increase the awareness of our employees and to improve their behaviour in a positive way, with training and other activities on occupational health and safety;

To maintain the success achieved with respect to the loyalty and satisfaction of the employees; and

to cooperate with organizations present in our region and to get involved in a structure that can jointly respond to disasters and emergencies.