40 Yıl

Customer Satisfaction Policy

To adopt customer satisfaction as a principle;
To aim continuous improvement to ensure customer satisfaction;
To listen to the voice of our employees, customers and the society, and to raise their awareness of the service provided;
To meet the needs of our customers in the field of Emergency Lighting and to handle and evaluate complaints in an effective and efficient way. To measure whether the expectations are met by sharing the results with our customers;
To follow the innovations in our sector and to be the preferred company in the sector;
To produce products in accordance with local and international regulations and customer expectations, and to be of high quality, effective and reliable with respect to its products;
To ensure that all employees comply with the quality and customer service requirements applicable for the areas they are responsible for and to meet internal and external customer expectations;
EEC Electronics always aims to be a sectoral leader in the field of Customer Satisfaction with its creative and innovative approaches, rational and fast applications, and young, dynamic and modern team.