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New Emergency Luminaire: Astralite

12 September 2022

The new developed Astralite Emergency Lighting Fixture is suitable for both escape route and open space applications due to its easily replaceable lenses. Long life and environmentally friendly LiFePO4 battery is used in the Astralite model, which has selectable 1/3 hour and 3/8 hour operating options in an emergency case. It is produced in Economic, Self-Test and DALI features for different needs. The battery and the driver are in a housing box and there are red and green status indicators and a test button on the spotlight, which can be easily mounted on the suspended ceiling. The limits of the Astralite model, which has a maximum power consumption of 3W, are up to 410 lumens of light output and a placement range of up to 34 meters between two luminaires.

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